New Gartner Research Report: Innovation Insight for Event Thinking 

Event thinking is a cultural change that sets organizations ready for genuine digital business innovation. Application leaders engaged in digital business transformation must practice event thinking in IT and champion it with business leaders. 
  • Many digital business innovations require event awareness and depend on the kind of agility offered by event-driven systems.
  • Most organizations do not have a strategy for event awareness, or the culture of thinking of their business or IT as event-driven.
  • Conceiving, designing and managing event-driven interactions requires a new way of thinking and can be difficult, especially in the absence of productivity tools. Early initiatives may fail or disappoint if attempted without preparation and realistic assessment of available skills.
  • Most organizations have some technology for event-driven design, but lack the vision of event thinking; therefore, few apply it in a strategic manner or see it as a model for business innovation.