New Gartner Research Report: Innovation Insight for Event Brokers

Learn the latest on how modern event brokers enable event-driven architectures

"Application leaders engaged in digital transformation must include event-driven computing in their portfolio of skills and technology, including the key related responsibilities for event brokering and event stream analytics"*

We believe this Research Report from Gartner defines the important role that event brokering and event stream analytics can play in enabling modern event-driven architectures.  

Get up to speed on the key findings and recommendations from Gartner on event-driven computing:

  • The key attributes of an event broker and its intermediating role within event-driven architectures
  • The difference between advanced and basic event brokers
  • Risks and considerations in adopting basic pub-sub versus an advanced event broker
  • The event broker vendor landscape
  • Gartner recommendations

                                                                                                                                                                                            Gartner Innovation Insight for Event Thinking Report