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The 5 Steps Toward Pervasive Event-Driven Architecture, A new report from Gartner

Traditional application design, which is based on developer-centric APIs, has delivered significant improvements in organizational agility. But, when facing the complex, real time needs of digital business, the API-centric request-driven model alone hits its limits. 

Applications become harder to scale and the web of connected APIs becomes harder to manage, leading to ever-more tightly coupled systems. To move beyond the connected APIs and enable more scalable, contextual and responsive digital business, organizations must add event-driven architecture (EDA) to the core of their platform and design capabilities. 

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Gartner The 5 Steps Toward Pervasive Event-Driven Architecture, Yefim Natis, Massimo Pezzini, Keith Guttridge, W. Roy Schulte, Published 28 June 2019